Pathways: The Trinity Curriculum

Through critical thinking, curiosity, and interdisciplinary insight, students are challenged and supported in a community that encourages pathways to discovery.

Choose Your Own Path

Embarking on Pathways to discovery means you get to choose the direction you take with your curriculum. Below are some major milestones you’ll encounter on your journey, as well as recommendations for completing requirements and optional elements along the way.

Milestones  Requirements  Optional Elements 

Requirements and Optional Elements

Pathways has six curricular requirements and three optional elements that provide a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences for all bachelor's degrees awarded by Trinity University.


First-Year Experience
Analyze sophisticated texts and ideas through extensive engagement in a significant topic.

Approaches to Creation and Analysis
Master the skills of analysis, research, and creation using multidisciplinary approaches.

The Capacities
Learn effective communication skills, digital literacy, historical perspectives, and engaged and global citizenship.

(If you’re working under the 2021-2022 COSB or later)
Gain depth in a scholarly area outside of your primary major.

Interdisciplinary Clusters
(If you’re working under the 2020-2021 COSB or earlier)
Explore a complex subject by employing multiple disciplinary methods.

The Major
Gain in-depth study of a field of specialization, often incorporating multiple disciplines.

Fitness Education
Make good decisions relating to lifelong health and wellness.

Optional Elements

Experiential Learning
Learn to apply the liberal arts in a real-world environment.

Explore other areas of interest and gain academic experiences across disciplines.

A Second Major
Double major in departmental or interdisciplinary majors, or create your own.


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